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Happy Roots Arts Education


Ms. B (AKA Jessica Buckwalter) graduated from the University Of Akron with a BFA in  Metalsmithing & minor in Printmaking. She moved to NC & within a few weeks she had been hired as a High School Art teacher. Jessica has since taught at almost every art facility in Salisbury.  In 2012, Jessica created Salisbury Art Station to allow students to follow their creative path in a safe & fun environment.  She says, “Art is language to me. It is a way to communicate what we may not have words for.” After taking a hiatus to recover from major surgery, Ms. B is back! Using our environment and the natural world around us as inspiration, Jessica brings her arts education and healing art programs to Happy Roots.  Classes are held in studio space at Center For Faith & The Arts building. Contact Jessica for more info or to register.

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